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For those embarking upon a musical journey who feel they would like to pursue music examinations, then the choice of the Birmingham Piano & Music Studio is ABRSM. It is, we believe the best, most rigorous provider of Music exams. It is in fact the gold standard of music assessment Worldwide.
Individuals who choose to learn an instrument are able to do graded examinations, from a Prep Test & Initial Grade, up through Grade 5 to 8 and then potentially on to ARSM and other Diploma examinations. These exams are also carried out in music theory and other practical assessments.
ABRSM aims to inspire musical achievement and holds over 650,000 exams a year in over 90 countries. The charity itself was founded in 1889 and its mission has always been to nurture a love of music and ensure that all students should have access to high quality musical learning.
One of ABRSM's main aims, and working in conjunction with the Royal Schools of Music in the UK, is to build musical skill and encourage progress. Success at an ABRSM grade has a Worldwide currency and is recognised by all of the main Universities and Music Conservatoires. The exams are designed for students of all levels and ages and provide realistic goals and tangible rewards.
ABRSM exams are marked out of 150. 100 being required to Pass, more than 120 gains a Merit, and 130 or above a Distinction. During the exam, the candidate has to perform 3 pieces in front of a highly qualified professional musician. In addition, there are scale requirements, sight reading and aural tests. For younger children, just starting their musical journey, there is a wonderful Prep Test that allows the child to play pieces of their choice to an examiner and receive a certificate. This is both motivating and rewarding. Much more information can be obtained on the ABRSM website itself ( At the Birmingham Piano & Music Studio, we highly encourage students to think about these examinations since they give a real snapshot of the level of a student and are very rewarding indeed.

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