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Some of the Terms and Conditions of being registered at the Birmingham Piano & Music Studio are outlined below

Payment Options

No initial registration fee.
Payment is by cash or direct bank transfer - details of which are given when lessons commence.

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Financial Obligation and Withdrawal

Students who are registered at the Birmingham Piano & Music Studio assume a financial obligation. If paying by bank transfer, a late payment fee of £10 will be charged for a lesson if payment is delayed for more than 5 days. There is also a £20 processing fee for bounced cheques we receive.
Lessons will be suspended if payment is more than 30 days past the due date and will only resume if payment is completed. If payment is 45 days overdue, lessons slots will be open to new students.


Birmingham Piano & Music Studio reserves the right to cancel lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergency, the students will be informed via text.

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Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and classes on time. Any time missed due to lateness will not be made up. Lessons are scheduled to last 30 minutes though often may go on longer time permitting. This however, is non contractual.
Missed lessons without any advance notification will not be rescheduled. Missed lessons have no cash or credit value. If 24 hours notice is given to cancel a lesson then this can be rescheduled at our discretion. If less than 24 hours notice is given, then the FULL FEE is owed for the lesson.

Teacher Expectations:

When a student starts at the Birmingham Piano & Music Studio a three part contract will be signed. The signatories will be the student, the teacher and the parent/guardian. At the initial meeting, expectations will be clearly explained. Students are expected to follow the 'promises' of the contract including bringing all music material including their music homework book to each lesson. In addition to this, realistic practice targets will be set and students are expected to play their part. Daily practice is required if students are to participate in recitals.

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Terms & Conditions: Text
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