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Classes & Services

Beginner Fundamentals Class

This class will ideally suit a completely new beginner, whether a young child, teenager or adult. It assumes you know nothing or very little about music and playing an instrument. We'll work on the basics of technique, hand co-ordination, dexterity, reading music, aural skills and rhythm. The focus will be on fun and reinforcing the essential components of learning an instrument. The classes will soon have you playing "hands together" and should you choose to do so, within a matter of 6 months you'll be well on your way to doing a Prep Test and / or an initial examination. 

If you're a "rusty" musician who learned some of the basics many, many years ago, this level may also suit you. We can discuss this when you come around for your first taster class. Most importantly, we'll endeavour to suit your ability and experience to our teaching so that you quickly learn and progress. Prices for these lessons are available upon request and last for 30 minutes.

Importantly, all lessons may be re-scheduled if you give us 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice and the full lesson fee will be incurred. 

Intermediate Music Class - Grades 1-3

In these classes, we will build upon the musical skills you already have. We will develop your repertoire and study much more in depth musical theory - including key signatures, time signatures etc. Music will be further placed into historical context and as you are progressing, a wider range of styles and genres will be taught, including contemporary music, simple jazz, musicals and chord formations. Again, classes are 30 minutes long and will cater for your interests. Grade examinations will be on offer should you choose to do them. Progress at this level is steady and lessons will be as varied as possible to allow you to develop your overall skills and keep you motivated.  

Prices for these lessons are available upon request and last for 30 minutes.

Importantly, all lessons may be re scheduled if you give us 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice and the full lesson  fee will be incurred. 

Advanced Musicianship Class - Grades 6-8

By now, you'll be well on your way to becoming an independent learner and you'll be able to read music. If you've taken the standard approach and started lessons at age 9/10 etc, you'll have been learning for several years. Grade 5 is approximately GCSE and Grade 6/7 is towards A Level. Classes for advanced musicians last 45 minutes since there is so much more to be covered. It is now not only about "the notes" but trying to further develop expression and emotion in your playing. The technical demands of the music will be much harder and more time will be required for practice too. You will be dextrous and we will further enhance this through technical exercises and a more advanced repertoire. In addition, you will already have passed Grade 5 theory and so we will examine harmony and chord progressions in greater detail. We will encourage you further to widen your knowledge by extending your overall musical listening and partaking in as many live performances as possible. You may be actually studying Music GCSE or A Level and our classes will reinforce the knowledge you are learning at college.

Prices for these lessons are available upon request but once again 24 hours notice must be given to change a booked lesson, otherwise the full lesson fee will be incurred.

GCSE, BTEC & A Level Music Classes

Support for GCSE and A Level Music are available. Depending on the Board that your School / College is using, we will plan lessons accordingly. Suffice to say that we will study musical theory, harmony and develop your aural perception. In addition, we will help you prepare for your performance exam. We will also take you through the main aspects of Music History, composers and study your set works. This obviously will be carefully planned when you bring us a copy of your syllabus. Any particular weaknesses you have and need support with, will also form part of your lessons. These lessons last an hour and prices are available upon request. Once again 24 hours notice must be given to change a booked lesson, otherwise the full lesson fee will be incurred.

Music for Wellness

Many people enquire about music for "Wellbeing" courses. Not lessons in "how to play" the piano, violin, flute etc but simply the pleasure of hearing great music, learning about it, finding out about the context of the music and the role of the music in relaxation. Music is so good for mental health and well being we offer bespoke sessions where various musical genres are explored. There's a lot of listening and journal keeping, as well as going to live concerts, usually at Symphony Hall Birmingham, but also further afield. This course has been very popular with people with more time on their hands. We also run classes for children and adults who need support with improving language skills and speech. We do this with lots of rhythm work and where appropriate sung work. The focus is on articulation, repetition and focussing the brain on pattern and clarity. Once again, bespoke courses can be organised and session length and price are available upon request.

Music Appreciation

This class has been designed for those who do not want to study for exams, or even be able to play an instrument. Rather, it is for those who have an interest in classical music and would like to learn more about it. Who were the Great Composers? What made them great? What music is used in TV adverts that keeps going around your head? What's the tune you always find yourself singing? We will examine music from the early Baroque era, its main pieces and all the way through to contemporary music. This class is more about sitting back, relaxing, finding out about music and plenty listening! A journal is kept by the student to record their thoughts and feelings about the music they're listening to. It's a great option for those who want to know more without the demands of daily practice and usually suits adults more so than children.

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