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Safety Policy for face to face Piano & Music Lessons

The Safety Policy has been effective from 1st June 2020 and will be in operation until further notice.
Face to face lessons are only available with Dr Séan Carolan, Maja Pluta and Myles Manders-Young at the Studio and students/parents have to agree to the following safety rules.
These guidelines have been produced following a risk assessment to ensure that the studio is COVID-secure in accordance with UK government guidelines.

Attending Lessons

COVID-19: Text
  • DO NOT COME to the Studio for your lesson if you or a member of your household has experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 7 days.

  • DO NOT COME to the Studio for your lesson if you have been advised to isolate.

  • You can still have your lesson via video link if you are well enough to do.

  • Either party can choose to revert to lessons via video link without notice.

  • Should any teacher be required to isolate, or the guidelines change, lessons might need to revert to using a video link without notice.

  • We reserve the right to refuse or prematurely terminate a lesson without a refund if I have reasonable grounds to believe that this Safety Policy is not being followed.

  • If in any doubt at all DO NOT COME to the studio for your lesson.

Safety Measures when Attending

  • The Waiting Room will be closed to visitors and family members until further notice.

  • The toilet facility will only be available to students in case of emergency. It cannot be used by any parents or visitors. Please go before you come. Thank you!

  • Students must arrive and leave punctually. Early arrival is not possible, nor is waiting on site for late parental collection.

  • As prior to COVID-19, all lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes. A gap is in place after each lesson for appropriate cleaning and sanitising of the keyboard and washing hands.

  • Upon arrival, students should make their way into the studio where we will be waiting for them.

After the Lesson

  • After the lesson the keyboard and any other surfaces including door handles will be sanitised.

COVID-19: Text
COVID-19: Text
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